Bucket List

        Recently I was looking on pinterest and noticed all the pins about things that can go on people’s bucket lists. I began to add things to my board for my bucket list. I decided to share some of the things I have on my list, and what ones I have accomplished.

I have not done most of these things but hope to do them in the coming year. What is on all of your bucket lists?

1.Polar Bear Plunge: I saw this done on The Bachelor, and I thought it looked like so much fun! It is going to be a tough one though, because when it comes to being cold I am a total wimp. I am known to wear jackets in the summer, so we will see how long it takes me to get this one done.

2. Go on a stargazing date: I did do this, and loved it. This quickly became my favorite thing to do on a date or even just in general!

3. Have a kiss in the rain: This one is cheesy I know, but it’s something you always saw on movies as a kid! By kid I mean 12… I did accomplish this too!

4. Go to the Super Bowl: I am hoping to be able to accomplish this one day. I really only would want to see the Cardinals though, so I’m not holding my breath on this one.

5. Go Kayaking: This is such a small thing, I know, but I’ve never been kayaking and it is something I want to be able to do.

6. Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Like my last one, this is also small. It is big enough to make it on my list though.

7. Go to Monaco: I would love to be able to travel to Monaco one day. I also want to be able to visit Monte Carlo while there!

8. Go to the World Series: I love baseball; it is easily my favorite sport. Going to see the world series would be a great experience in my opinion.

9. Write a book:  I recently decided that I want to write a book. I haven’t really began to work on it much, but I generally have an idea of what it will be about. Stay tuned for that as the year goes on.

10. Go to a Rodeo: I have wanted to go to a rodeo for the past year or two, and it really is such an easy thing to do. I just have not gotten a chance to go. Hopefully this year will be the year I go.



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