Everything Will Be Okay

Today on Facebook I saw this picture, and it was exactly what I needed to see. Last night my engagement ended and I was set on moving on and trying to jump into a new relationship. I kept thinking to myself, “I am ready to get married and ready to have a family.” Even though that is still very true I should not be trying to jump into things right away.

After reading this picture I felt a lot more at ease. I know that everything will all work out and that everything is going to be okay. I believe that my ex fiance was and is the guy for me (as pathetic as that sounds), but not now. If I am right about us I do believe the Lord will bring us back together in the future, and that things will be better. If not, it will also be okay.


**This blog was created originally to document my engagement and future marriage, but I do intend to keep it up with just everyday stuff. 🙂

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