June Twelfth

My first post will be on what started my blog. I got engaged on June 12th, at the Mesa Temple in front of the pool area. Before I get into the engagement let me tell you about how I met my fiance.

We met through LDS Planet, an online dating site. At first I was not proud to admit I had gone on one and met someone. I had heard so many negative things about dating sites, and did not want people to think any less of me. Due to my “fear” of being made fun of or looked down upon I would tell people I met my fiance through the church, and let them go where ever they wanted with that. It was not until a month into dating him that I started to not care about what others thought. I liked being with him and no one could change those feelings.

Our first date was in the middle of January (I think the 27th) at Golf Land. I really enjoyed talking to him and spending time with him, but did not see any relationship coming out of it. I was supposed to meet up with him again a couple days later, but was not sure I really wanted to. I was talking to a friend about it and

she told me that it couldn’t hurt to go out with him one more time! I’m glad she told me that, because if she hadn’t I would not be where I am today. On the second date we met up at Dave and Busters  and  had a fantastic time (at least I did)! We were dating for five months before he proposed!

Now for the night of June 12th. I drove out to Mesa to go workout at the gym with him. We finished working out, and my fiance told me that he wanted to go to the temple. I had thought it a little weird at first, but got on board quick. When we got to the temple we walked around for a little bit, then made our way to the front of the temple. We were sitting on the bench when he asked how I felt about us. I was a bit confused about the question, but said I felt good about how things were going. That’s when he got down on one knee and proposed!! Of course I said yes, and we are planning a wedding for June 2016.

Fast forward to today, August 25th. My fiance is currently in Northern California attending chiropractic school, and I miss him like crazy every day. Having a long distance relationship is hard, but is definitely worth every minute! I go visit him every month, and am currently applying to California State University and am hoping to start attending in the Fall of 2016.

My posts will not normally be this long, and hope that everyone continues to read my blog. I am looking forward to be able to share wedding planning and my life after with you!


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