What I Want in a Future Husband

I was looking through some boxes of old things today when I found an activity I did when I was 15, at church. I was asked to write down what I wanted in a future husband. While dating I looked for most of these in the guys I went out with. Now that I am getting married I found it nice to look back on this sheet and reflect on the qualities I look for.

The first thing on my list is that they will go to church with me. My fiance does go to church with me. He also is LDS and every time I visit him at school we go to church on Sunday. I have also been to church with his family. This past visit we went with some family friends and while attending their ward we were able to see their baby blessing. Being there for that blessing just made me want to raise my kids in the church and have them blessed in the church. I want my kids to be able to have faith and the gospel in their lives. I am confident in saying that my fiance will support me and our future family in attending church.

Also on my list was that they like kids. My fiance definitely has this quality. I have had the opportunity to see this multiple times with his nephew or his cousins. I am confident in saying that he will be an amazing father, and I look forward to sharing those moments with him.

Educated was next on my list. He is without a doubt educated, and is also continuing his education. He not only is educated, but supportive in me continuing my education. He has gone down to the university for me a couple times, I believe. He also provides the council I need for this too. If I am freaking out over getting accepted or getting in contact with enrollment (which happens quite often) he listens to me and calms me down in no time!
In my future husband I wanted someone who was honest. I found that in my fiance! Sometimes I do not want to hear the truth, but he always tells me the truth. I really appreciate it, even when I do not show it.
The last thing on my list is that he is respectful. Like the qualities previously stated my fiance falls into this category. He was very respectful when meeting my parents, and they really do like him!
All of these qualities are important to me, and I did enjoy reflecting on if I truly found the husband I want. I strongly encourage all of you to make up your own list of what you look for in a future husband or wife. Reflect over the qualities you wrote down, and see if your husband, fiance, or boyfriend have the qualities you want. I hope you all find who you are looking for and have the life you want!

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