Witch Glasses (Color Therapy Glasses)

In my previous post I mentioned that I have trouble sleeping through the night. Two weeks ago I went to the chiropractor, and he asked me what my quality of sleep was like. I told him that I usually wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for the next hour or two. His solution was red color therapy glasses. I am going to share my personal opinion on them now. Just a heads up, all opinions are my own and I do not benefit from any of this.  I like to call them “witch glasses,” but in all honesty they are amazing and really do work!

The red glasses are designed to block the blue lights that electronics and other lights give off. These glasses also help relax you, resulting in a better night’s sleep. They work great, and I sleep through the night with no problem.

I put the glasses on before I go to bed, and keep them on for 20-60 minutes. While wearing them I can feel myself starting to relax and doze off. I started tracking my sleep with my fit bit and noticed that I am sleeping through the night, and getting a better and deeper sleep. The only downfall is that I sleep 10-12 hours straight and wake up exhausted in the morning. This is usually fixed by getting up and moving around. Below you will see pictures of what my fit bit tracked while I was asleep!

All in all, these glasses are amazing! If you want to know more about them you can contact me, and I’ll send the link to the website. Again I am not benefiting from you deciding to look more into these glasses.


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