Favorite Blogs

Hey everyone! Today I am going to talk about some of my favorite blogs. One thing I do to keep track of all my favorite blogs is by keeping them on a folder on the home screen of my phone. I love how easy it is to access my favorite blogs. I have a variety of different types of blogs that I follow, and look forward to sharing some of them with you.

The first blog I’m going to talk about is Robertson Roots. Robertson Roots is a lifestyle blog ran by Jessica Robertson. Some of you may know Jessica from A&E’s Duck Dynasty. She also was in a spin off show, Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty.  I first heard about her blog from listening to her podcast, Jep and Jess. I started following her blog and I absolutely love it! In fact, it was a big inspiration for my blog! On Robertson Roots you will see DIY projects, gardening, cooking, fashion, and her life as a mother. Not only does it have amazing posts, it also has such an amazing look! You will not regret following this blog!

The second blog I love is The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood. This blog belongs to Jacquie, a mother of four beautiful little girls!  Like Robertson Roots this is also a lifestyle blog where you will read about DIY projects, recipes, and different products that get the author through mom life! Jacquie truly amazes me and is 100% mom goals!  She just had her fourth daughter and still manages to post on her blog weekly if not daily. I first came across this blog when I saw that her daughter was going to be getting a cochlear implant. I followed the link on her Instagram page and read her daughter’s story. From there I moved on to her other posts and have not missed a post since! I highly recommend this to all moms out there. Even if you do not have children you should follow this blog!

The first blog I followed was Emily Maynard’s blog. I first saw Emily on The Bachelorette, and loved watching her season! Like the other two blogs I mentioned, this is a lifestyle blog. On her blog she writes about fashion, beauty, and her life as a wife and mother. She does not post as much, but her Instagram is filled with all sorts of amazing pictures of her life too! This is a wonderful blog and I highly recommend it!

The last blog I am going to talk about,Our Spina Bifida, is not like the other blogs. This blog follows life with a family who’s daughter has spina bifida. This family is an amazing family and they are very near and dear to my heart. They write about the surgery their daughter had and about life now. If you have questions about spina bifida or just want to read more about it, this is a must read!

These are just a few of my favorite blogs. There are so many great blogs that I did not mention that I would definitely recommend! I will link the blogs I mentioned below. What are some of your favorite blogs? Let me know in the comments!


Robertson Roots: http://www.robertsonroots.com/

The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood: http://www.thesweetersideofmommyhood.com/

Emily Maynard: http://emilymaynard.com/

Our Spina Bifida: https://www.ourspinabifida.com/

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