Lipsense Colors

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk a little about the lipsense colors. Last week I mentioned that I started selling Senegence. Well for those of you who are not familiar with this company Senegence has a lip line called lipsense. The lipsense line is comprised of lip colors, lip glosses, lip balm, and color removers. The products are all so great!

I will first talk about what lipsense is. Lipsense is a long lasting lip color. It bonds with your lips so that it can last up to 18 hours! You might be asking what makes this different than any other long lasting lipstick on the market. Well, lipsense is smudge proof, kiss proof, and water proof! So you can wear your favorite white shirt and not have to worry about getting any of the color on it! Lipsense is made with all natural materials, meaning there is no lead, wax or gluten. There is also no testing on animals!

Now let’s move onto the colors themselves. There are so many shades of lip colors, and there is something for everyone! If you want a yellow based/warm color you can choose from; beige champagne, bombshell, apple cider, caramel latte, and fly girl to name a few. If you wear more of a neutral color you can get nude, first love, or bella.  If blue based/ cool colors are more your thing there is pink champagne, aussie rose, kiss for a cause, blu-red, or napa. These are only a few of the 36 different colors!  To get optimal stay you should apply three layers of the color to clean and dry lips! The colors sell for $25 and you really get your money’s worth. It is 7.4 mL of beautiful colors!

After applying the color you will coat your lips with one of the eleven glosses that are offered! The glosses offered are; gold glitter, sand, glossy, matte, pearl, bougainvillea, orchid, rose, opal, pink glitter, and silver glitter. These glosses are what add to the longevity of your lip color. They also moisturize and protect the lips. I love the lip colors, but the gloss is definitely my favorite! It is such a life saver. I am always biting my lips and tearing the skin. The gloss helps my lips stay moisturized and prevents cuts from re opening when I move my mouth! The gloss retails for $20 and is worth every penny! Like the color the gloss is 7.4 milliliters.

If gloss is not really for you, there is also a moisturizing lip balm. This lip balm is not only moisturizing but also restorative. The lip balm contains coconut oil, cocoa and shea butters, and orchid flower extract. The lip balm sells for $20. It is 7.4 mL of heaven! This is a must have for the colder weather!

The next product I am going to talk about is the oops remover. It is also 7.4 mL and sells for $10. The oops remover is so great, because lipsense is long lasting and does bond to your lips it is a bit difficult to get off. It is not something you can just wash off with soap and water. The oops remover helps lift the color so you can then wipe it off or fix any mistakes you made during application. It really is a great product to have on hand!

There is so much that is offered in the lipsense line and I would not be part of this company if I did not really believe in it! I am not a person who normally wears lipstick. In fact I have never really liked lipstick until now. Lipsense is a game changer and I wear it all the time! Have you tried any of the lipsense products? Let me know in the comments below!


You can order any of the products I talked about on facebook group Sun Kisses with Annmarie!



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