DIY Onesie

Hey everyone! Today for Make it Monday I AM going to show you all how I made a Christmas onesie for an upcoming party I am babysitting for. I plan on making shirts with the older kids, but did test this project out with the baby’s onesie first.
The first thing I did was decide on a design and drew it out on parchment paper. This is going to serve as a stencil! After drawing the Christmas sleigh I cut it out using an exacto blade. I will say it was a little bit tough cutting through the parchment paper and getting exact lines. I was able to cut it pretty close to the original picture though. If you have a circuit machine you can use that too!
After cutting out my stencil I placed it on top of the onesie and used a fabric marker to trace the design. After I finished tracing I realized it would have been easier if I had placed a hard surface, for me a mini cutting board, inside the onesie instead of under the onesie like I had done. I also would have used a thinner tip marker for tracing the sleigh. I suggest the marvy uchida fine tip fabric marker.
It is not a long process and it is very easy to do. Not only is it easy to do but it also is super fun. It only took me 20 minutes to complete the whole thing. Have any of you made your own shirts or onesies before? Let me know in the comments below!

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