Everyday Make-up Look

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to take a moment to talk about my everyday make up look. When it comes to make up I will be honest and say I have no clue what I am doing! I stick to the same few things and do not really stray from that. However, now that I am selling Senegence I have tried out a few more make up products and I love them!

When it comes to make-up I only wear a few items. I wear foundation, blush, eyeliner, and mascara on a daily basis! Well a semi daily basis. There are those days where I am just not feeling like putting any make up on. Recently, I have added lipstick or lip gloss to my make-up look.  Every once in a while I will wear a very light eyeshadow too! When putting make-up on in the morning I generally do not spend more than 10 to 15 minutes on my make-up.

I do tend to stick to the same make-up routine, but I do not buy the same products all the time! When buying foundation and mascara I usually buy the least expensive brand I can find. If I am being honest the shade I buy is not always the correct shade for me. As for eyeliner and blush I absolutely love Physicians Formula! It is a little higher priced than other brands, but they are definitely worth the money.  When I wear lipstick, lip gloss, or eyeshadow I wear Senegence! I do wear glossy gloss daily, and definitely am benefiting from it. My lips are not chapped and they are not the bloody mess they used to be. I just recently started wearing the shadow sense and I really enjoy the color candlelight to use on my lid. It is a nude color and it is right up my alley! Another must have is the color onyx. You can use it as a crease color or you can use it as an eye liner. It takes a minute to dry if you are going to use it as eyeliner, but it is worth it! It stays all day and is smudge proof like the other Senegence products.

My make-up routine is the same, but the products are not! I will leave a list of what I use and prices below. What are your makeup must haves? Let me know in the comments below!


Foundation: I generally spend 3-12 dollars. I do not have a set brand

Blush: Physicians Formula- 10 dollars

Eyeliner: Physicians Formula- 6 dollars

Eyeshadow: Senegence- 22 dollars

Lip gloss: Senegence- 20 dollars

Lipstick: Senegence- 25 dollars

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