Pirate Week Projects

Hey everyone! A couple weeks ago I did a pirate week with “D”. We made all sorts of pirate items, and at the end of the week we did a treasure hunt around the neighborhood. Today I wanted to share some of the different projects with you.
The first project we made was a pirate vest. Spoiler alert, “D” refused to wear it! For this I bought a plain black Cat and Jack t-shirt from Target. To make the vest I cut the sleeves off along the stitching and I cut the neckline off. I also cut the bottom of the shirt horizontally to make it shorter on “D”. The amount you will cut off depends on how tall your child is! The last part of the shirt I cut was a vertical line down the center of the shirt. I decided to add some color to the shirt by using glitter fabric paint, from the dollar store, to draw a skull and cross bones on it. I added her name to the vest too.
After making the vest we made an eye patch. For this I used scraps from the black shirt, purple felt, and a black elastic headband. I started by cutting out a patch shaped piece of fabric from the shirt scraps. After doing that I cut out a skull and cross bones. For this I used a purple felt banner from the dollar store. After sewing that on I cut the rubbery hard part off the elastic headband and sewed the patch to the band. I did go over the stitches again and again so that the eyepatch would stay together. Much like the vest, the eyepatch did not get worn either.
The third project was a HUGE hit! “D” and I made a “pirate pet” sock kitty. To make this I used; a pair of pink fluffy socks, two buttons, and thread. I also used paper towels to stuff the kitty, because I did not have any stuffing. When cutting the first sock I cut horizontally across the top where your toes would go. This is what will be used as the tail. Then with the remainder of the sock I cut vertically down 1-2 inches to create the body. I cut both sides of the sock. For the second sock I started out by cutting about 4 inches of the way down, starting at the toes. I cut diagonally toward the center to create an arrow like object. You will discard this part. The second cut I made was a horizontal cut about 3 inches down from the top of the sock. The middle part of the sock will be used for the kitty’s head. After all the cutting I stuffed the pieces and sewed everything together. After that I sewed two buttons on for eyes. For the mouth I used string from a sewing kit I got from the dollar store. This sock kitty is definitely her favorite thing we made.
The last project we did was turning her wagon into a pirate ship. For this we used cardboard and a whole lot of duct tape. Even though this was one of the biggest projects it definitely was the easiest. I had cut the box the night before and so when it came time to put the boat together all I had to do was tape the pieces on. To keep the pieces up I folded tape and taped along the side of the wagon, but I also taped over the sides of the wagon, so that the board was hanging. Another good thing to do when taping is to tape all the pieces of the cardboard together. After all that taping I drew a skull and cross bones on both sides of the boat. Then, “D” came up with a name for her ship. She named it The Shimmer and Shine. I wrote the name on both sides of the ship. On the back I drew an anchor and wrote “Ahoy”! The pirate ship was a huge hit with “D”.
Pirate week was a big success and great fun. The crafts were so fun to make and “D” really did like all of them, even if two things remain unworn. I would love to see what pirate projects you make with your kids! Show me in the comments below!

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