Hi everyone! Today I want to tell you all about the newest shirt I bought. I recently purchased a t-shirt from the company Generation Us, also seen as GenUs.

Generation Us is a company that helps children in the United States and around the world that are in need. This company is so great because of everything they are doing to help these children. Recently GenUs partnered with Goex Apparel and Humanity and Hope to create these shirts. When you purchase this shirt you are helping to create jobs, feed children, improve healthcare, and increase access to education.

The shirt that you are purchasing is a gray t-shirt with the company name, GenUs, written across the chest. What is cool about this shirt is that it is made from recycled materials. The shirt is also so soft; you will not want to take it off! These shirts are selling for 33 dollars, and are sold in sizes XS-3XL. There are limited amounts of each size, so if you are interested in purchasing a shirt then now would be the time!

For those who are interested in purchasing this shirt I will link the site where you can buy it below! Have any of you bought this shirt? Let me know in the comments below!


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