Hi everyone! Today I am going to tell you about ShadowSense. Let me start by saying this is game changing eyeshadow! ShadowSense is part of the SeneGence line and can be purchased from a Senegence distributor.

ShadowSense is a long lasting, anti-aging crème to powder eyeshadow.  When you purchase this eyeshadow you will receive 5.9 mL of beautiful colors. ShadowSense comes in both matte and shimmer colors. Both matte and shimmer shadows sell for $22.

There are currently 15 matte shades. The matte colors that are carried are; snow, granite, onyx, silver violet, amethyst, denim, pink frost, mulberry, garnet, candlelight, moca java, smoked topaz, whisper pink, sandstone pearl, and pink posey. My favorite shade of the moment is candlelight for my lid.  I also am obsessed with onyx. I love using it as eyeliner!

There are currently 6 shimmer shades. The shades that are offered are; copper rose shimmer, sandstone pearl shimmer, smoked topaz shimmer, moca java shimmer, pink opal shimmer, and silver shimmer. These colors are the perfect combination with the matte colors. My favorite color of this is moca java shimmer. It is such a pretty color for the crease and is great mixed with candlelight and onyx!

When I first tried ShadowSense I was very unsure about it. I am not huge on wearing eyeshadow but I absolutely loved this! It is light enough to not feel like I have make up caked onto my eyelids, which I love. If you love eyeshadow and want to try out ShadowSense go to Sun Kisses with Annmarie on Facebook for a 15% discount and free shipping!

Happy New Years Eve!


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