24 Facts about Me

Hey everyone! For today’s post I thought I would take a couple minutes to share with you 24 facts about me.

  1. I am a college student, and am majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences.
  2. I work as a nanny to 3 girls
  3. I am the oldest of three. I have two younger brothers!
  4. I love to watch television shows and movies. I have so many shows that I love to watch weekly and often binge Netflix shows.
  5. I have a ton of mugs and water bottles that I hardly ever use. However, I continue to buy more!
  6. I love ABBA! I have a station on my Pandora account dedicated to ABBA and know basically every song.
  7. I teach primary at my church and have done so on and off for 7 years. I started at 18 and stopped at 22 then picked up again this year!
  8. I really enjoy doing crafts! Pinterest is my kryptonite.
  9. I love superhero movies and shows. Captain America is my favorite!
  10. I love sports! My favorites are; baseball, football, rugby, and NASCAR.
  11. Whenever I go to Target or the bookstore I always buy stationary and notebooks.
  12. I go to the chiropractor weekly to bi-weekly and have seen an incredible difference.
  13. I drink coca cola or cherry Pepsi once a day
  14. My prized possession is a stuffed seal I got from my parents as a baby.
  15. I love Toms! I have at least 10 pairs.
  16. I have 2 dogs that I love. One is a pocket Pitbull named Chloe and the other is a Great Pyrenees mix named Harvey.
  17. My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. I have no idea why it is my favorite though.
  18. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  19. I got engaged at 21 years old. Things did not last with him though.
  20. I love rodeos. I have gone to at least 1 every year for the past 3 with my best friend.
  21. I am not a huge fan of sweets. However, when I do eat any it is sweet tarts (not the yellow ones) or chocolate cherries.
  22. I love reading! I will not read Jane Austen though. When I read Pride and Prejudice for high school I screamed “I want my life back.”
  23. I love shopping! My favorite places are target, kohl’s, amazon, and etsy.
  24. My favorite music genre is country music! Josh Turner and Dierks Bentley are my absolute favorites.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I would love to know more about you guys! Leave a fact about yourself in the comments below!


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