Back to School Crafts

Hey everyone! The beginning of school is around the corner and for some already started this past week. Today I am going to tell you about two back to school crafts “A” and I made. They were both super easy to do!

The first thing we made was a chalkboard notebook. For this project you will need: a notebook, paintbrushes and chalkboard paint. “A” and I used chalkboard paint we bought from Michaels, in the color Onyx. To create this notebook you will paint 2 to 3 coats of paint on the notebook cover. In between each coat you should wait 2 hours before painting the next layer. For best results add a clear protective coat to the cover. Another tip for the best possible results is to allow the notebook to dry completely for 24 hours before writing on it with chalk.


The second project is a lava pen. For this project you need: glitter, oil, water, a ballpoint pen, a hot glue gun, and a dropper.  The first step is to take the pen out. After that, use the hot glue gun to glue the top of the pen lid and the bottom of both the inner and outer pen. Next use the dropper to add oil and water into the pen. The last step is to add glitter and put the pen back in. This project took a total of 5 minutes and it was such a huge hit with “A”.


These were such fun projects to do! Have you done any back to school crafts? Let me know in the comments below!


Toilet Paper Roll Poppy

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you all how “D” and I made this toilet paper roll Poppy. It was a super easy project, and was quick. For this project you will need;

  • Scissors
  • Glue Sticks
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Construction Paper (pink, blue, and green)
  • Paper towel


  1. First cut out a piece of pink paper. Make sure it is big enough to wrap all the way around the toilet paper roll. Glue that on.
  2. Next cut out little blue flowers and glue them to a green strip. Glue this to the top of the roll.
  3. After that color a piece of paper towel pink. Tape this into the toilet paper roll.
  4. The last thing to do is to draw Poppy’s face.

This was such a fun project, and “D” and I look forward to making more. Who is your favorite Trolls character? Let me know in the comments below!


Gallon Jug Snowman

Merry Christmas! I hope you all are having a wonderful day with your families! Today for Make it Monday I wanted to share how “D” and I made a snowman out of a milk jug.

For this project you will need: a milk jug (We used a gallon jug), orange and black construction paper, liquid Elmer’s glue, and scotch tape. If you want to make ear muffs for your snowman instead of a hat you will use 2 puff balls and a pipe cleaner.

The first thing we did to make the snowman was to cut a triangle out from the orange construction paper. Next, I cut out 2 large circles, 2 medium circles, and 6 small circles from the black construction paper. I also cut out a medium sized rectangle from the black construction paper. “D” and I used the medium circles for the eyes and the small circles for the smile. We glued the face on the snowman first.

The second thing we did was make the hat. I rolled the black rectangle and glued it so that it would shape the body of the hat.  Next, I glued one of the large circles to the top of the milk jug lid. I glued the rolled rectangle to the circle and I taped the top circle to the rolled rectangle. To tape this I folded the tape and placed it on the bottom of the circle to place on the body of the hat. If you choose to do the earmuffs instead you will glue the puff balls to the end of the pipe cleaners. After letting the earmuffs dry you will glue it over the lid and to the side of the milk jug.

This was such a quick project, but it was also so much fun! “D” loved it and even brought it with her when we went to pick her sister up from school. This project is great for kids as young as 3! What holiday crafts have you done? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great rest of your Christmas!


Pirate Week Projects

Hey everyone! A couple weeks ago I did a pirate week with “D”. We made all sorts of pirate items, and at the end of the week we did a treasure hunt around the neighborhood. Today I wanted to share some of the different projects with you.
The first project we made was a pirate vest. Spoiler alert, “D” refused to wear it! For this I bought a plain black Cat and Jack t-shirt from Target. To make the vest I cut the sleeves off along the stitching and I cut the neckline off. I also cut the bottom of the shirt horizontally to make it shorter on “D”. The amount you will cut off depends on how tall your child is! The last part of the shirt I cut was a vertical line down the center of the shirt. I decided to add some color to the shirt by using glitter fabric paint, from the dollar store, to draw a skull and cross bones on it. I added her name to the vest too.
After making the vest we made an eye patch. For this I used scraps from the black shirt, purple felt, and a black elastic headband. I started by cutting out a patch shaped piece of fabric from the shirt scraps. After doing that I cut out a skull and cross bones. For this I used a purple felt banner from the dollar store. After sewing that on I cut the rubbery hard part off the elastic headband and sewed the patch to the band. I did go over the stitches again and again so that the eyepatch would stay together. Much like the vest, the eyepatch did not get worn either.
The third project was a HUGE hit! “D” and I made a “pirate pet” sock kitty. To make this I used; a pair of pink fluffy socks, two buttons, and thread. I also used paper towels to stuff the kitty, because I did not have any stuffing. When cutting the first sock I cut horizontally across the top where your toes would go. This is what will be used as the tail. Then with the remainder of the sock I cut vertically down 1-2 inches to create the body. I cut both sides of the sock. For the second sock I started out by cutting about 4 inches of the way down, starting at the toes. I cut diagonally toward the center to create an arrow like object. You will discard this part. The second cut I made was a horizontal cut about 3 inches down from the top of the sock. The middle part of the sock will be used for the kitty’s head. After all the cutting I stuffed the pieces and sewed everything together. After that I sewed two buttons on for eyes. For the mouth I used string from a sewing kit I got from the dollar store. This sock kitty is definitely her favorite thing we made.
The last project we did was turning her wagon into a pirate ship. For this we used cardboard and a whole lot of duct tape. Even though this was one of the biggest projects it definitely was the easiest. I had cut the box the night before and so when it came time to put the boat together all I had to do was tape the pieces on. To keep the pieces up I folded tape and taped along the side of the wagon, but I also taped over the sides of the wagon, so that the board was hanging. Another good thing to do when taping is to tape all the pieces of the cardboard together. After all that taping I drew a skull and cross bones on both sides of the boat. Then, “D” came up with a name for her ship. She named it The Shimmer and Shine. I wrote the name on both sides of the ship. On the back I drew an anchor and wrote “Ahoy”! The pirate ship was a huge hit with “D”.
Pirate week was a big success and great fun. The crafts were so fun to make and “D” really did like all of them, even if two things remain unworn. I would love to see what pirate projects you make with your kids! Show me in the comments below!

DIY Onesie

Hey everyone! Today for Make it Monday I AM going to show you all how I made a Christmas onesie for an upcoming party I am babysitting for. I plan on making shirts with the older kids, but did test this project out with the baby’s onesie first.
The first thing I did was decide on a design and drew it out on parchment paper. This is going to serve as a stencil! After drawing the Christmas sleigh I cut it out using an exacto blade. I will say it was a little bit tough cutting through the parchment paper and getting exact lines. I was able to cut it pretty close to the original picture though. If you have a circuit machine you can use that too!
After cutting out my stencil I placed it on top of the onesie and used a fabric marker to trace the design. After I finished tracing I realized it would have been easier if I had placed a hard surface, for me a mini cutting board, inside the onesie instead of under the onesie like I had done. I also would have used a thinner tip marker for tracing the sleigh. I suggest the marvy uchida fine tip fabric marker.
It is not a long process and it is very easy to do. Not only is it easy to do but it also is super fun. It only took me 20 minutes to complete the whole thing. Have any of you made your own shirts or onesies before? Let me know in the comments below!

Plan with Me

Hello everyone! For today’s make it Monday I am going to show you how I plan my week. I am a huge fan of planners and decorating all the pages within. I first got into planning from watching youtube videos. My favorite being Elle fowlers channel, glam planner. Ever since seeing that first video I have loved planning and seeing what themes I could do for each week.
I am currently using two different planners. I use the happy planner and recollections. When buying my planners I like to get the horizontal layout. I find that easier and more suitable for my life. I use a variety of different stickers from many different places! I have gotten my stickers from the dollar store, Walmart, Michaels, and etsy. Some of my favorite shops on etsy are planner kate, Amelie planner, and paper loving mommy. They all have cute and affordable prints!
I set up my planner in sections. The first section is the side bar, where I will put goals I have or my plans for the week in a whole. It is usually where I write out what blog post I will post. I will also stick what book I am currently reading if it is different than previous ones. The second section is the top row. On the top row I put to-do lists for the day. I will write what I would like to or need to accomplish. The second row is where I will put stickers that remind me of what I am doing for the day and what bills I have due. On the bottom row I put lifestyle stickers such as; water trackers, television show airings, workouts I plan to do, and whatever else I can think of at the time.
Planning is a great way for me to see what I need to do for the week, but also gives me the opportunity to step away from school life and do something creative and fun! There are so many different plan with me videos on youtube and so many different products to get from stores. Planning is becoming more and more popular today. They sometimes have planning events at your local craft store. You can meet other planners and get great ideas from them! Have you planned before? Leave a comment below telling me what planners and stickers you like to use! I hope you all enjoyed today’s make it Monday!