Smart Strategies to Better Time Management

Hello my name is Annmarie and I am terrible at time management!  I am sure a few of you can relate to that statement. With classes starting again tomorrow I thought now would be a great time to talk about different techniques I am going to be using to better my time management skills and with that hopefully help you too!

The first thing that I have found that really helps me is using a planner! I put everything in my planner, from babysitting jobs to my school schedule and assignments. I have used many different planners, but this year I am using a Mead planner from Target. When writing out everything I assign a certain color to each topic. I even use different colors for each class. So one class may be purple and another will be brown. Being able to see the different things I need to do in different colors really helps and keeps my attention.

The next thing that helps with managing time is to set a time limit for each activity. I totally understand that this might not work for everything, but with most it should. I know that managing school, work and other activities can be difficult. However, on days that I have to work, go to school, and do other activities I can set this time out. An example of what I might do for Mondays is; Work 7:30-12:30, School 2-4:30, Chiropractor 5:30-6. With those three main things it does not leave a whole lot of time to do much else. So I could set an hour and a half for studying for each class. I also have gotten in the habit of working out every day so on my busy days I can find a few five minute workouts and do those! I have yet to try this technique, but I definitely plan to do so tomorrow!

The last thing I am going to talk about is planning out your weeks and making sure you have everything ready ahead of time. This will cut down on time during the individual days. I have done this and it definitely works! With that being said I do not do it every week, which I plan on changing.  For me this might be planning out my blog posts and having them typed and saved on my computer. By doing that I do not have to stress about my lack of time to type up a post and sometimes even come up with a topic! If I have everything typed and planned I can just copy it to the blog page and publish it in a few minutes, which will end up saving me 5 hours a week at least!

I am in no way a professional at time management, but by doing these different techniques weekly and even daily I hope to make things so much easier on myself! Using my planner has been the best technique for me, but may not be the best for you. Let me know what you do to better manage your time in the comments below!


Plan with Me

Hello everyone! For today’s make it Monday I am going to show you how I plan my week. I am a huge fan of planners and decorating all the pages within. I first got into planning from watching youtube videos. My favorite being Elle fowlers channel, glam planner. Ever since seeing that first video I have loved planning and seeing what themes I could do for each week.
I am currently using two different planners. I use the happy planner and recollections. When buying my planners I like to get the horizontal layout. I find that easier and more suitable for my life. I use a variety of different stickers from many different places! I have gotten my stickers from the dollar store, Walmart, Michaels, and etsy. Some of my favorite shops on etsy are planner kate, Amelie planner, and paper loving mommy. They all have cute and affordable prints!
I set up my planner in sections. The first section is the side bar, where I will put goals I have or my plans for the week in a whole. It is usually where I write out what blog post I will post. I will also stick what book I am currently reading if it is different than previous ones. The second section is the top row. On the top row I put to-do lists for the day. I will write what I would like to or need to accomplish. The second row is where I will put stickers that remind me of what I am doing for the day and what bills I have due. On the bottom row I put lifestyle stickers such as; water trackers, television show airings, workouts I plan to do, and whatever else I can think of at the time.
Planning is a great way for me to see what I need to do for the week, but also gives me the opportunity to step away from school life and do something creative and fun! There are so many different plan with me videos on youtube and so many different products to get from stores. Planning is becoming more and more popular today. They sometimes have planning events at your local craft store. You can meet other planners and get great ideas from them! Have you planned before? Leave a comment below telling me what planners and stickers you like to use! I hope you all enjoyed today’s make it Monday!