A Christmas Prince

Hey everyone! Christmas was Monday and I loved being able to spend time with my family. With that being said December was a busy month for Netflix. They have put out quite a few Christmas movies! One of them really stuck out to me, and that was A Christmas Prince.

I watched A Christmas Prince Thursday night and quite a few times since! I absolutely adored this movie! This movie is about a journalist who travels to a different country to interview the prince of the country, but ends up becoming Princess Emily’s tutor. In the movie the princess has spina bifida. This really stuck out to me, because it reminded me of Baby P.

Throughout the movie Princess Emily was seen in a wheelchair, but she was also seen using forearm crutches to walk. Seeing this little girl walking brought so much joy to my heart at the thought of Baby P walking. Not only did Princess Emily walk in the movie she was seen shooting a bow and arrow and even sledding down a huge hill. The fact that she was doing this was a big deal in the movie, because almost every person in the movie underestimated what the princess could do. As I was watching excited at the thought of Baby P doing those activities and then some!

There was one scene in the movie that really stuck out to me. The journalist, Amber, and Princess Emily were going sledding. Before they went down the hill the princess asks Amber, “Do you really think I can do it?” To this Amber responded by telling her, “I think you can do anything you want. You are not a china doll”. Princess Emily then asked her, “what if I end up even more broken than I already am?” When she asked this it totally broke my heart! Amber told her she was not broken, and Emily was ready to go after that! Seeing the princess sled down the hill was so great!

This movie was wonderful! I really did enjoy every minute of it. If you get the chance to watch it you should! Have any of you watched A Christmas Prince? Let me know in the comments below!


Shows for Destressing

Hey everyone! Today I want to talk about shows I watch when I am feeling stressed or upset about things. Television shows can bring up so many feelings and can also help you work through certain feelings! There are three shows that I turn to when I need to relax and forget about things for a little while, and I am excited to share them with you.

The first show I am going to talk about is Jep and Jessica Growing the Dynasty. This is my first go to show for when I am feeling not so great. A great example of this was a week ago. I made the mistake of googling some health symptoms and per usual googles diagnosis was cancer. Now I do not have cancer, but I was so freaked out and was definitely working myself up over nothing! I started messaging my best friend and she suggested I watch a show to get my mind off my non-existent diagnosis. I immediately turned on Jep and Jessica and forgot about why I was freaking out moments before. What I love about this show is that it is centered on family and can have some serious moments, but it also has downright hilarious moments! I find myself laughing a lot during the episodes. If you want to watch this show you can find the first season on Hulu!

The second show that I watch when I need to relax is The Ranch! The Ranch is such a funny show, and can instantly raise my mood. A month ago I saw a petition going around calling for the cancellation of the show. I texted my best friend so worried they would cancel it. While texting her I turned on the show to watch old episodes and was laughing within a few minutes. For me The Ranch brings back some memories of when I used to watch it with my ex fiancé. While I am no longer dating my ex I still do cherish those moments watching this show with him. I was so worried that if they cancelled this I would not have these memories anymore, which of course is not true. However, they did not cancel the show and I do not believe they plan on cancelling it. You can find all four seasons of The Ranch on Netflix.

The third and last show I am going to mention is New Girl. I absolutely love New Girl! It is a hilarious show and I laugh through the whole episode. This show is what I go to when I need a huge mood boost. There will be days where I am feeling terrible and I will turn on New Girl and feel happier within seconds. There have been times where I am still laughing about certain episodes a few days later! I have recommended this show to someone before and he ended up really enjoying it too. I believe that you can find all the seasons on Netflix!

These were just a few shows that I watch when I am feeling down. I am a big fan of television and could probably think of so many more shows that boost my mood and help me destress. I highly recommend all the shows I talked about! They are all so funny and you will not regret watching them. What shows you watch when you need to relax or get an instant mood boost? Let me know in the comments below!


Throwback Shows

Happy Wednesday! Today I am going to talk about a couple of my favorite shows as a child. Yesterday while I was watching “D” she found a toy Earth. When you opened the toy you found Brain, from the show Pinky and the Brain, in the center. That one toy sparked a whole conversation about all the shows that I watched when I was her age.  After all that talking I showed her a couple clips from a couple shows I watched. I did not show her Pinky and the Brain, because that is not the best show for little kids!

The first clip that I did show “D” was the theme song from The Big Comfy Couch. She really liked it, but I could tell she was not super impressed! Her comment was, “I like it!” I did only show her the theme song and nothing else.

The second clip I showed her was from Bananas in Pyjamas. This show was a HUGE hit with “D”! She wanted to watch every clip that was on YouTube. Every once in a while she would look up at me with this huge grin across her face. That one clip had her cracking up to the point she was on the floor giggling a lot!  What was really funny about this was that I showed a different girl I babysat the same clip and she also was hysterically laughing! Bananas in Pyjamas is definitely a must see for any kids in your life!

It was so great to watch these old clips with “D”. I really enjoyed watching them and seeing her reactions to each clip!  What shows did you watch as a child? Let me know in the comments!


Pocahontas- Listen to Your Heart

Hi everybody! A couple months ago while I was babysitting I watched the movie Pocahontas for the first time in a long time. It was great to take a trip back to my childhood by watching this movie! Since it had been quite a number of years there were quite a few things I did not remember.
The biggest thing that was new to me was Grandmother Willow. I did not remember her at all, in fact! In today’s post I wanted to talk about something that Grandmother Willow told/sang throughout the movie. She would sing, “Listen to your heart.” This was exactly what I needed to hear at the time and still need to hear!
A little bit back I had been having doubts about my degree and was unsure if it was what I really wanted to do and if it was worth all the time and money that would be going into my speech and hearing science degree. I had done a google search looking up what classes I would need to take and everything I could do with my degree. During this search I learned that entry level for my degree is a master’s degree. That really freaked me out! I began to worry about how I would pay for all of this schooling! I decided in that moment that I needed to get off of google and distract myself. I got on Instagram and began looking through all the pictures on there in an effort to forget what I had just read. It was on picture that really caught my attention. It was of a little girl who was getting a cochlear implant that day. She immediately caught my attention, because she had the same name that my ex fiancé and I wanted to name any future daughter we might have had. Over those next few weeks I read the updates her mom posted. It was through that one Instagram account that I realized that I did want to become a speech pathologist/audiologist.
The next experience I had was in a relationship of mine. We were having some troubles and I was ready to just give up. I was getting annoyed and super impatient with him. I just kept overthinking things and it was not helping anything. I knew in my heart though that I did not want things to end and that he was going through some things and I really needed to be patient and more understanding. I told my friend so many times that I was done, but never actually was. I decided to go with what my heart was saying and I waited and did not add to the stress he was going through. Being patient did help. Things are going well now, and if I had not listened to what my heart was saying I would not be feeling as happy right now!
It is not always easy to listen to your heart. Sometimes your brain will take over and start creating fears, whether it be thinking things are too much money, that your relationship may not work , or something else! I encourage you to look past those fears and to listen to what your heart is telling you. If you feel that you should do something do it, as long as its within reason! Is there a time when you listened to your or heart or wanted to? Do you have a favorite Disney movie that is not Pocahontas? Let me know in the comments below!